CCCC Arerti Industrial ParkEthiopia: what happened to my raw materials?
中国交通建设股份有限公司埃塞俄比亚Arerti工业园 ——谁动了我的原材料?
参赛队伍/王者暨南/2017-03-23 23:18:25/

As one of state-owned construction company, China Communications Construction Company (hereafter CCCC) has made a substantial amount of investmentsinfrastructure homeabroad. CCCC has responded to the national strategy proactively to expand overseas, upgradeddiversified the current range of businessmade investmentsthe integrated industrial park which focusesthe construction of communication infrastructure since "One BeltOne Road"(hereafter OBOR) initiative was proposed2013. The case conducts studythe situation of the industrial park for construction materialsthe reasons why CCCC chose to investEthiopiathe perspective of Jim Liu, a director of the industrial park. And we mainly analyze the problemschallenges arisingthe investment of industrial park. Then, we classify these problemschallenges according to specific factors with respect to politicalcultural to summarize the experienceadvice which can be used for other companies preparing to go globally.

中国交通建设股份有限公司(以下简称“中交”)作为国内众多国有建筑企业之一,多年来承担着国内外交通基础设施建设重任。自2013年,“一带一路”倡议提出之后,中交积极响应,快速扩张海外市场,在原有的业务范围上转型升级,为“一带一路”沿线国家提供以交通基础设施建设为主线的综合工业园投资建设服务。本案例从工业园项目负责人Jim Liu的角度介绍中交Arerti建材家居工业园,给出中交选择在埃塞自主投资运营该工业园的原因,以及分析工业园建设过程中出现的问题和挑战。通过对中交在埃塞进行工业园投资建设过程中产生的中国企业对外投资共性问题和挑战进行分析,总结出解决措施和相关经验为之后类似企业的对外投资提供一些指导和建议。

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