Internet Health-care Emerging and Expanding along the Belt and Road —Case Study based on LyncMed's Overseas Strategic Layout
“互联网医疗”乘风破浪,扶摇直上“医带医路” ——基于联医医疗海外战略布局的案例分析
参赛队伍/经世济民/2018-03-30 23:17:37/

Under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative and “Internet +”, more and more Chinese companies are encouraged to go out, engaging in foreign direct investment and international trade. As the pioneer of cross-border Internet medical industry, LyncMed, seizing the opportunities brought by the Belt and Road, creatively combined Internet health-care with cross-border e-commerce and actively established overseas warehouses to improve one-stop sourcing solution. This paper aims to analyze the foreign investment behavior of LyncMed from the perspective of international business theories including the Eclectic Theory of International Production and value chain; forecast the market performance in the next quarter by Markov chain based on overseas sales data and propose suggestions to guide and optimize LyncMed’s foreign investment and international marketing. Corresponding feasibility analysis is conducted from corporate financial situation, market prospects, technology support and policies concerned. We expect that our analysis of LyncMed’s past footprints and future development as the vanguard of Internet medical industry can be referred in national policy-making and learned as lessons by enterprises from all kinds of fields and industries.


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